Covenant – brand new song – free download.

I hope you’re doing we’ll… This week, I’ve written and recorded a new song called ‘Covenant’. You can listen and download the song right here, right now!

We made a mess of it, patched work damages.
We made a covenant.
This is all so new, I feel the fear from the crowds,
under their toes.

You give all you can, try your hardest,
but you don’t understand.
Here we all are, love as to love,
and rest your head on my shoulder.

So here’s the truth of it,
I’m as scared as you are.
But I have found a hope,
That makes the morning lighter.

All the words that you love fall across the page, as you turn it.
Here we go across the battle line with love.


Family – download my new song with Alan Smith

It’s been a pretty creative year so far, with lots of collaborations and new songs, I hope you’re enjoy the lovely weather we’re having at the moment. This song is called Family, lyrics are below!

I hear insanity
You call it family
As you watch me fall down down down
Words are spoken, is a life so broke
You breathed so gently through my faults
These distant memories, you called it clarity
Watch this house burn to the ground
So mistaken for a happy place

I see you in the summer rain
You are focused, you remain
I see you in the air where birds
take flight across the distance
I see you in the love they share
And in their hope for tomorrow…
Come closer…

I see the summer pain
I don’t know whose to blame
The situation is calling me
Someone else’s son, so delicate and torn
You say we’re falling but crawling slow

Prodigal – Available now…

What better way to spend a rainy bank holiday Monday than to make a new song? Here it is, it’s called Prodigal…

The cold hand, on the warm land
We were younger, those days ago
The city, with the luminance
I was younger, than I knew

‘It’s alright’, you say, ‘Come back home,
don’t stop running til you get here.
My arms are open, my door is open for you’. ‘For you’.

Her cold tears, left a painful line
Between winter and all the choices we made
I lost myself, when I lost you
But you are the light in my shadow
Always the same, every season
You never change, always there

Come & Find Me – new song with Kate Luscombe

Sometimes you feel really privileged in life and one of the biggest privileges I know is to be able to write and record music with very amazing singer-songwriters. Last month Kate Luscombe and I wrote and recorded this song, it’s called ‘Come & Find Me’ and you can listen and download it for free right here…